Euromonitor Passport {Trial}

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Euromonitor International is world's leading independent provider of strategic market research. We create data and analysis on thousands of products and services around the world. For the academics we are providing the global research through a dynamic and user-friendly platform “Passport”. We are currently catering to all the IIMs and top B-School across India and most of the FT100 globally, along with huge list of clients into the corporates worldwide.

Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries, and consumers worldwide. Provides Surveys exploring consumer opinions, attitudes and behaviours.

 Brief insight about Euromonitor:
 With 50 year experience in Global strategic market research, Euromonitor International has its head office in London . Our research data is widely used and trusted in the academic community, supporting students & academicians at business schools, Universities, and academic-affiliated research centres worldwide.

 Key Features:

* We cover 30 industries across 100 countries that gives the students & faculty a fair chance to do their cross- country comparisons, this coverage consumes up to 98% of global GDP and 91% of global population.
* Both historical (1970s) to forecasted (2030) data available for macro & microeconomics and consumer lifestyle category * More than 30,000 companies profiles researched & compared globally
* A large volume of up to date country reports, city reports, analysis , briefs
* Authentic and globally standardized research methodology with frequent press mentions
* A dedicated Account manager for all queries and training activities throughout the subscription period * One system integrated for multiple users
* 12 months subscription period – campus based (remote access is available with Shibboleth and Open Athens)
* Students gain experience using the same professional level research database that successful corporates rely on
* Faculty leverage our global intelligence for independent research projects, interactive lecture experience and during promoting their department and courses to prospective candidates and commercial partners
* Library staff use our research to answer abroad range of inbound enquiries and creating library handbooks.
* Academic partners make use of our data for - Market entry, M&A, opportunity and risk analysis, Brand management, consumer and competitor profiling, company profiling, SWOT & PESTLE studies and so on.