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Database Coverage:
· Supreme Court: All Supreme Court Judgments from 1950 onwards
· 50 million Pages of Case Laws
· AI-Based Legal Search
· High Courts Tribunals: All High Courts Judgments since Inception
· Tribunals: Judgments of All Tribunals of India
· Acts: All Central and State Bare Acts with Rules and Regulations
· Secondary Material: Treaties, Bills, Notifications, Reports of
· Commissions and Committees Constituent Assembly Debates and Commission Reports
· Article: Latest Legal research articles an opinion through our legiteye
Features and Addons:
iDraf: powered by AI Algorithm and helps to search specific portions of judgment It culls out the issues, arguments, reasoning, statutes, case cited and the decision of case laws
iSearch: Search the most relevant case law, statute or regulation in the minimum time. Customized search options by Case Name, Citation and Judge’s name.
iGraphics: Clicking on parameters such as overruled, approved, cited, referred and distinguished will help you refine the case laws for your search.
Add Ons:
Highlight - Mark specific text that is important in a judgment
Scribble - Write the comments while skimming the judgment
Notebook - Make personalized notebooks on specific topics
Citation - Copy the text with or without citation
Note Book - Rewrite Share Notebook
Chatbot - Live chat available for your easy product use - Write the comments while skimming the judgment